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Fostrian's mission is 100% centered on fostering our clients' growth and overall emergence to success. We want our clients to strengthen their financial position and graduate to bank financing.


Fostrian's mission is 100% centered on fostering our clients' growth and overall emergence to success. We want our clients to strengthen their financial position and graduate to bank financing. And we'd put our company up against any in the factoring industry with respect to the integrity, effort and skills employed on our clients' behalf. Fostrian specializes in providing its clients working capital credit lines through the factoring of accounts receivable. With this factoring credit line we provide a comprehensive accounts receivable management service. We will manage your credit department for you and we will pass our expertise on to you. You will be involved only to the extent you wish.

Specifically we will provide you the following services:

Quick Funding
Upon submission of your receivables to Fostrian you will be funded in 2 - 24 hours.

Dependable Funding Source
We understand that events occur during the normal course of business that can put our clients in a position where their cash needs exceed their available cash.

When these scenarios occur Fostrian will work closely with you in formulating a plan to:

  1. Provide your business the cash needed to move forward without any interruption in your operation
  2. Quickly work the status of negative cash availability back into a positive position

Customer Credit Checks
Fostrian will keep a current credit file on your larger customers that will be updated every 3 - 6 months. We will keep you informed as to the financial strength of these customers on a regular basis. Also you will have new prospects whose credit strength you need assessed. Fostrian provides this service to you. As a factoring company, we have multiple sources of credit information that we utilize along with the extensive experience of our credit personnel.

Collection Work
We will handle all work associated with the collection of past due invoices. If you prefer to be involved then we will be glad to work together with you. You may have certain customers that are paying slower than is acceptable to you. Slow pay stymies cash availability and increases costs. As part of your factoring package, we will formulate a plan (approved by you) that will correct this problem, but at the same time lose no goodwill between you and your customer.

Processing Work
Fostrian receives and enters your invoices into its software program, creating a comprehensive accounts receivable ledger that is maintained and updated on a daily basis. We also receive all invoice payments directly from your customers, make the bank deposit, apply these payments to your accounts receivable ledger and credit your account for the dollars received.

Fostrian utilizes the top software package in the factoring industry. From this software you can access virtually any accounts receivable related report that you would need: invoice aging report, payments received report, invoicing report, collection call notes report and more.

We understand that we represent your business with each contact made with your customers. We take this responsibility seriously and carry out our work accordingly. We will represent your company with the highest degree of professionalism.

Fostrian also is involved in the local business community and therefore is in a position to introduce you to professionals, and other resources, that can assist you in your mission to move your business forward.

In summary, you will receive from Fostrian a credit line through the factoring of your accounts receivable. With this credit line Fostrian will provide you with a comprehensive accounts receivable management service. Most importantly you will be teamed up with a lending partner with integrity, and who will put itself up against any of the factoring companies in our industry with respect to our skill level and our dedication to our clients.

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