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Fostrian's mission is 100% centered on fostering our clients' growth and overall emergence to success. We want our clients to strengthen their financial position and graduate to bank financing.


A factoring credit line (invoice factoring, accounts receivable financing) is a financing vehicle used by emerging companies that are unable to arrange traditional bank financing. As an invoice factoring company, Fostrian's factoring lines of credit are similar to bank lines of credit, though there are significant differences. For a general primer in factoring, please visit the factoring primer page.

Chicago Area - Invoice Factoring Scenarios

The companies and stories depicted in these case studies are fictional but are closely based on actual cases we have been involved with. The cases each do a good job of depicting scenarios where accounts receivable financing helped propel an emerging company to long-term success.

The companies represented in the cases happen to be Chicago area based companies, but Fostrian's invoice factoring (factoring credit lines) is not restricted to use by companies in the Chicago area. We can provide factoring credit lines to companies across the nation.

Factoring Case Study #1 - Sun Products, Inc.
Sun Products is a designer and distributor of sunglasses. The company outsources the manufacture of their product and sells mostly to casino gift show.....
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Factoring Case Study #2 - Party Time Bakery LLC
Party Time Bakery LLC is a wholesale bakery specializing in baking and distributing cookies. It distributes its cookies to local restaurants, grocery stores and some large .....
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Factoring Case Study #3 - Rhom Machining, Inc.
Rhom Machining is a machine shop that manufactures specialty machine parts for a select group of customers. They design the parts they manufacture and thus .....
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